A Guide To Some Of The Weird Skiing Accessories You Can Ever Get Your Hands On

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It’s funny to see how the manufacturers try to outdo each other when it comes to creating this type of equipment. In this article I will explain what some of these products are and whether or not they are cool.

Weirdest Items On Skis

A group of people standing on top of a snow covered slope

Some of the weirdest items on skis are the ones that are shaped like penises. These products include but are not limited to, a “Bentley” shaped ski glove, and the weird looking “penis head”. Some of these skis have extenders on the bottom of the boot so that you can put your hand in the vagina area and feel the warmth from the boot. The other interesting form of skis are the ones that are made from leather. These products actually have a cock ring attached to the penis, which looks sort of strange, if you ask me.

The main goal of many companies that make this sort of equipment is to try to make it as realistic as possible. This means that you can get skis with the ability to bend the way you want them to. These companies are aware that not every skier is going to be able to do this, so they created products that are designed for different abilities. This means that even if you can’t bend the way you want your skis to, you should still be able to get an amazing experience on your skis. One of the most bizarre things I have seen on a skier’s equipment is a piece of what looks like a human cock. It’s attached to the bottom of the ski with a metal ring.

Bentley Clamp

A group of people standing on top of a snow covered slope

Another funny attachment that you can get on your skis is called the “Bentley clamp”. It looks like a medieval torture device, and it attaches to the front of your skis with four bolts. On each side of the Bentley clamp are little hooks that hook up to the ends of your skis. I don’t know why these items are called “Bentley clamps” because they really look more like hooking a horse’s hooves to the roof of a donkey! Anyway, these are incredibly fun accessories to add to your skis, and they are pretty effective.

Some other unique, weird skiing accessories include: pocket cards, and wrist cradles. The pocket camo is a strap that attaches to your skis through your pants. When you are doing a weird trick, you can raise your wrist and Camouflage the camo to blend in with the scenery. This is great because it helps minimize the chance of you being seen by other skiers.

 Wrist Cradle

A helmet lying on a pile of snow

Another one is the wrist cradle. It looks like a large bracelet with a cord running from it to your wrist. You put your wrist into the band, and when you do a trick, the band raises your wrist, simulating the feel of a ski grip. I haven’t used one personally, but I have seen pictures of people using one on YouTube. If this doesn’t sound cool enough for you, I’m sure there are many more weird accessories out there that will.


As you can see, there are all kinds of funky, new and weird skiing accessories out there, ranging from snowboards to skis, from wrist clamps to snow globes. Some of these are great, while others might be a little too far fetched for your tastes. It’s all up to you. If you are a purist, there is nothing wrong with sticking to the basics. But if you like to test the boundaries, or at least try something new, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to take some of your own ideas to the extreme right on your ski vacation.

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