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Are you an adventurer, seeking to experience the highs of life? Now you can capture all your great moments with this curved mounting bracket that holds your helmet camera in place. This is a helmet camera holder that will hold your camera in a stable place without letting any damage be caused to it. Also, this camera holder is a curved one, which provides the perfect angle for all the photos and videos.  

About Curved Mounting Bracket For Helmet Camera

This mounting bracket comes with two long screws, a short screw, an activity-based, a curved base with 3m glue, and one long and a short link, which can be easily assembled by following the instruction sheet. It can be attached to any curved surface, especially a helmet by using the glue that comes in the accessories kit. It can also be removed easily by exposing it to some heat such as with a hairdryer. The size of this product is 15×10 cm, which is perfectly small for a helmet. This product retails just at $9, which is very cost-effective and affordable. The most compatible camera for this bracket is GoPro, which is most commonly used by vloggers and adventurers in the current scenario.

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Pros of this Curved Mounting Bracket:

  • Stability: This device holds the camera stable even in the most stunning events like skydiving, paragliding, bike stunts, and so on. It helps in capturing the moments in a clear and stable recording or shots.
  • Durable: Since this instrument is made up of Silicone and metal, it is very durable and compatible with all kinds of adventures. There is hardly any possibility of the breakage or loosening of this bracket since it is very durable.
  • Creates a perfect angle: The curved feature of this bracket helps in creating a perfect angle to shoot great pictures and videos. Also, the bracket can be adjusted according to the desired angle.
  • Portable: As it is very small in size and lightweight, this instrument is easy to carry during trips and vacations. Also, when it is attached to the helmet, it does not put any burden on the head as it is very small in size.
  • Affordable price: This product comes with various kits, just at $9, which is very affordable, especially for professionals.
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Cons of this product:

There are no major cons to this product, except that it doesn’t come in fancy colours, except in black. Also, it is compatible only with a camera and cannot accommodate a smartphone.


This device is a perfect tool for those who love adventures like skydiving, paragliding, and bike stunts and desire to capture these amazing moments for posterity. As it is portable, stable, durable, and affordable, it is a perfect, economical choice.

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