Alpine Touring Ski Boots Features to Look For

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Alpine touring ski boots, also known as alpine or cross country skis, are specially designed for alpine skiing and other types of alpine sport. Alpine tour companies use them primarily for alpine skiing trips, but there is no reason why anyone should not wear them for back country and other kinds of outdoor sports. These boots are so versatile that you can wear them for almost any alpine sport. Skiing is a great sport to take part in because it is an extreme sport that exposes you to many new opportunities.

An Overview

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Alpine touring ski boots differ from standard alpine boots in that they are specially designed for alpine skiing, which is a form of downhill skiing that involves hitting bumps in the snow to expose the soft and flexible upper soles of the boot. They usually will be very lightweight and have only a basic ski-boot style with very little support, and a very flexible and quickening laces. These boots can be worn for both downhill and uphill skiing activities. When it comes to alpine skiing, the main difference is the boots are worn a lot differently. The alpine boots were designed to keep the skier as balanced as possible so that they don’t fall off of the edge. As the skier approaches a bump in the snow, they will typically turn to the side in order to keep the entire body below the surface of the snow.

Alpine Touring Ski Boot Features

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Alpine skiing is a very popular activity, especially among serious ski touring enthusiasts. These people want to be as comfortable as possible while skiing, and alpine boots do this job wonderfully. Serious alpine skiers spend a lot of time on their skis, usually alpine boots are a must. However, if you are a casual skier, you may be wondering what type of alpine boots you need.

The boot is one of the most important parts of the alpine touring ski boots. If you are a casual skier, you probably won’t need to break the bank to get a great alpine boot. You can find a great deal of great quality, affordable alpine touring ski boots at your local mall or retail store. Most likely your boot will be one of those popular alpine ski boots from Reebok or other well known manufacturer. These boots will usually run between one and three hundred dollars, depending on the style.

On the other hand, if you are going to be doing some serious downhill action, or alpine skiing, you will want to invest in a good pair of alpine touring ski boots. A good alpine boot will provide you with the protection you need to keep you from getting a nasty injury. There are some models on the market today that have toe overlays, which help to add protection for the top of your foot as you are going downhill. This type of protective toe overlap also helps to keep your feet warm as you are going downhill.

Another feature that you should look for in an alpine touring ski boots boot is a full leather upper. Leather provides the necessary warmth and protection that you need when you are alpine skiing or snowboarding. Leather also allows your feet to breathe better, which will decrease the amount of moisture that can get in your skin. When your body perspires, your skin can get damp and moldy, which can lead to skin irritation, blisters, and even fungus. Stay away from any ski or snowboarding boot that has a thin leather upper.

Another feature to look for in an alpine touring ski boot is a high quality flex. You will definitely want to make sure that your boots provide you with the maximum amount of flex possible. The more flex your boot has… the better off you’ll be in terms of your ability to uphill ski and to go downhill without sliding all over the place.

Bottom Line

Finally, you will want to make sure that the boot has at least a one-piece break. While most alpine skiers like to have a full pair of boots, there are some who don’t like the one-piece break of a split sole. Because of this, it is good practice to have at least one pair of shoes with a one-piece break on each pair. This gives you the option of changing direction with ease, as well as giving you the ability to walk comfortably over uneven surfaces. Most skiers prefer to have at least a one-piece break in their shoes in order to be able to walk comfortably in almost every condition.

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