Best GoPro Accessories for Water Skiing Adventures

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These GoPro accessories will significantly improve your underwater footage and making you feel professional! Do you own the latest GoPro Hero9, Hero8 or the previous GoPro Hero7/6/5 that are one of the best action cameras, capable to deliver you brilliant quality but are you still not satisfied with your videos and photos? If you always wanted to know how to make bright and sharp underwater videos, read this post!

Waterproof GoPro selfie stick

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A more advanced version to mount your device on a waterproof selfie stick. Saltwater kills metal parts in a very short time, therefore, we recommend getting a durable waterproof selfie stick that you can use on land and underwater too. Thanks to the direct GoPro connection, such poles are compatible with all GoPro models including the latest Hero8 and Hero9.

SandMarc Pole

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Using a GoPro selfie stick will give a better angle to your photos. Also, you can get closer to marine life while snorkeling or diving without disturbing them. Buy a transparent selfie stick  so it can stay almost invisible on your photos!

GoPro camera tray

The professional solution! Buy a GoPro camera tray to shoot and film like the real professionals! This lightweight, but durable and though aluminum stabilizer diving trays will help to record more stable than ever!

SHOOT Underwater Stabilizer Tray

Such accessories also give you the freedom to fix more cameras at the same time or adding extra accessories like a diving light or dome port (depending on the model’s construction).

Underwater GoPro light

Waterproof lights are one of the most useful GoPro accessories if you use to snorkel or dive in low-light environment. Waterproof lights designed for GoPro cameras can be easily attached since they come with the traditional GoPro mounting system.

GoPro LED light

A compact user-friendly solution buying a GoPro underwater housing with built-in LED light. Just put your camera in the case, and you are ready to go!

GoPro waterproof case

Although the latest GoPro Hero9 and Hero8, and even the previous Hero5/6/7 Black models are waterproof without additional housing, to be on the safe side we recommend buying a GoPro underwater house if you plan to film while snorkeling or diving.

Affordable waterproof cases can save your camera from water damage and also provide extra protection against external impacts. Good to know that some GoPro accessories only work when the camera is in the diving case, so always double-check if the accessories you buy can be used together!

Dome port for GoPro

Probably you have already tried to take half-half shots above and below the water simultaneously. And probably you failed like many of us. Well, here is the secret, a GoPro dome port is what you need! Using a dome port moves the water line away from the camera lens allowing you to capture split photos!

Vicdozia Telesin dome port

But dome ports are not only good for taking half-half photos but also improve your deep diving photography too. Did you know that newest GoPro Dome models come with built-in switchable filters ? What a smart all-in-one solution! Read our tips on how to take half underwater photos with your GoPro!

GoPro Red filter and diving filter kits

Color correction on underwater videos is an essential skill that you have to learn if dealing with underwater footage on a daily basis. There are several photo and video editing programs you can use to balance the colors, but you might not have the right programs or the time to edit your footage. Good news that there is a simple solution that helps you instantly!

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