Body armour that helps you stay alive on the slopes

A group of people cross country skiing on a snow covered slope

A full set of snowboarding gear is essential if you are going to spend any time riding down mountains, especially if you want to improve your skills. While this equipment will not automatically make you a better rider, it does provide safety benefits and comfort so that you can go faster and have more fun. 

Things to Consider while choosing Snowboarding gear

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When choosing Snowboarding gear, know what each piece of gear is for before making your selection so that if necessary, exchanging an item or two is easier for you at a later date.

The first thing most people ask about when starting out in winter sports is “what do I need?” The answer varies depending on how involved someone wants to get with their chosen activity. If they only want to enjoy themselves without worrying about performance, they only need some winter attire. They can wear anything that keeps them warm and can move easily in. On the other hand, if an improved skill is a goal, there is some more expensive equipment than just heavy clothing. The most important thing you must consider when buying snowboarding gear is your level of commitment.

Price Range of Snowboarding gear

A man riding a snowboard down a snow covered slope

Snowboarding gear comes in all price ranges, but newbies should concentrate on how much money they are willing to spend rather than searching for the cheapest brand. If you’re new to snowboarding – or any sport – avoid cheap brands because they don’t fit well and may fall apart quickly. Local sporting goods stores usually have a selection of inexpensive goods from major suppliers such as Spyder or Roxy, but they only have a few models in each size. If you’re not sure of your size or style preferences, stick with a nationally advertised brand because the larger selection allows for more detailed research and comparison of features.

Snowboarding gears and The Retailers

The better retailers offer a large selection of customizable options so that you can get exactly what you want. For example, if your local retailer doesn’t have gloves in your desired colour scheme, you may be able to find them online from an authorised supplier such as You can also add on extras like custom embroidery, upgraded liners and wrist guards, which will make the gear uniquely yours while still keeping quality high.

Scoring some good snowboarding gear is not as difficult as it seems. No matter if you’re looking for a new snowboard or just some goggles, there are several ways to save money this holiday season. For example, most big online retailers offer free shipping so that no matter how much stuff you buy, the price stays the same.

One of the best ways to save is with cashback sites such as Ebates. These sites give you a small percentage of your purchase back after buying from one of their partners. This means that if you buy from BoardersSnow, then 8% returns back to your account, which can be used towards more skiing and boarding equipment! Some retailers also have price matching guarantees so that if you find an item cheaper elsewhere, they will refund the difference back to you. If you are looking for individual pieces of equipment, do not search online unless you have a specific model number in mind. Many retailers offer great discounts on closeout items that are still brand-new but just old models or colours.

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