Go Pro Skiing Accessories – Make Your Skiing Trip The Best

go pro skiing accessories

Whether you want to record yourself while skiing or record the view, you need some Go Pro Skiing Accessories that aid the process and make it very convenient. If you own a Go Pro, having the ideal accessories according to your convenience and preference is very important. Although, it can be confusing as to which accessories to invest in? You have come to the perfect place, as this article explains several Go Pro Skiing Accessories and their usage.

Go Pro Skiing Accessories – The 360-degree Swivel Extension Mount

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A Swivel Mount is very useful to get wide-angle shots. If you are a skier, a 360-degree Swivel Extension Mount is very useful to get panoramic shooting. It also allows you to shoot continuously as you ski. It is flexible enough to move as you want it to, making it an excellent accessory for cinematic shots. At the same time, it is very stable, which allows you to ski without worrying about your Go Pro falling off.

Key Features –

It has a 360-degree auto-rotating base.

It is made of aluminum to provide an anti-rust surface.

Has adjustable screws that can be tightened or loosened according to the rod’s size.

The Key Features may vary according to the different brands of the 260-degree Swivel Extension Mount.

Go Pro Skiing Accessories Body Mounts

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Body Mounts are the most convenient when it comes to skiing. Most skiers prefer to mount the Go Pro on either their chest or their wrist as those are the parts that provide a clear view while skiing without any obstruction.

Key Features –

Completely Adjustable for every body size and type.

A very stable mount for recording.

The mount has a quick release to quick removal, but it is stable enough to not come out during skiing.

Go Pro Skiing Accessories – Helmet Front Mount

Helmets are comparatively affordable when it comes to Go Pro Skiing Accessories. They can easily be mounted to almost all the helmets and are very convenient as it will be on the front part of your helmet, which will be fit perfectly to your head.

Key Features –

Captures front-facing footage from the skier’s point of view.

Removal of the head mount requires applying heat to the adhesive.

Ski Mount

Skiers also prefer to mount their Go Pro on their skis and snowboards. You can mount it on your skin, preferably on the flat part of the ski. While you mount your Go Pro on your ski or surfboard, make sure your ski isn’t cold. It should be at room temperature. Before mounting it on, clean the surface thoroughly. Ensure there is no moisture on them, or else the Go Pro won’t stick firmly.


Those are pretty much the essential and most necessary Go Pro Skiing Accessories that you will require while recording yourself while you ski. You should ensure that you have all the safety care before going on an adventurous sport and protect yourself from any potential damages that might occur during this event. Being careful can help you get a long way in the sport.

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