How to Choose the Best Ski Jacket Brands

best ski jacket brands

There are many different manufacturers of ski jackets. Some of the popular brands include Black Diamond, Volcom, Mountain Hardware, Eagle Creek, Nikita, Mountain Hardware, Ridgid, Mountain River, Eagle Creek, adihel and much more. Every one of these manufacturers has their own unique line of skis for winter sports, but some of their more popular lines include:

In this article I want to share my final thoughts about choosing the best ski jacket brands. When you’re ready to make your next skiing or snowboarding purchase, it can be overwhelming when you look at the choices that are available. This is why narrowing down your choices can be so helpful. The three tips below will help you with your decision.

Decide If You Want To Layer

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First, decide whether or not you want to layer. Some people like to wear two kinds of clothing – one to wear over their other, to create more warmth, or to allow their shirts to absorb the sun’s heat, which can help keep them warm when the weather is cold. Some people also like to wear a jacket, with or without a shell, to add a little more protection against the wind, and to add a little style to their wardrobe. If you are considering purchasing any of these kinds of ski jackets, be sure to layer appropriately so you don’t take any advantages or disadvantages from having layers.

Second, decide between different designs. While every woman’s ski clothing taste is different, I think it’s safe to say that most women love the cute floral or polka dot patterns. These patterns are usually made using a cotton blend, which is what makes them soft and light, but durable enough to stand up to the wear and tear of skiing or snowboarding. Another popular option is the cute floral pattern paired with a pair of jeans. The best ski jackets aren’t just made for function – they’re made with comfort in mind so you’ll love wearing them all day long.

Consider Your Body Type

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Third, look at your body type to figure out which of the best ski jacket brands will suit you best. For thin people with narrow shoulders, I recommend brands such as Elite by Longitude, Eiger, and PowerDogs. For skiers with larger chests and wider shoulders, consider Big Agnes, Burton, Black Diamond, North Face, Nikita, Mountain Hardwear, and Cabela. Skiers with larger frames (such as those with a chest over ten pounds) should choose a brand like Volcom, Private Brand, or PowerDogs.

Think About The Pockets Too

Fourth, think about what pockets to look for. Some models have external pockets, which are great for storing gear and other items that you might not want to keep in your main ski bag. Other models have internal pockets, which are useful for putting together your accessories and such like a ski mountaineering loop or a ski towel. You can also find models with removable insoles, which allow you to add warmth to your legs or feet for more padding, or just to help you get more comfortable.

Bottom Line

Finally, decide whether you want to buy a one-piece ski jacket, or whether you want two pieces. One-piece jackets provide you with an ample amount of warm materials; they’re also a lot easier to put on and take off, and don’t have many pockets, so you’ll want at least two separate pieces if you’re planning on a lot of skiing or snowboarding in the mountains. Two-piece jackets offer more room in the torso, with some being designed with pockets specifically to store items in while you’re down low skiing. Whichever one you choose, be sure to look at the different features offered by the brands you’re considering and select the one that best suits your needs.

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