Prolite Atomic Ski Boots Review

atomic ski boots

Atomic ski boots are a revolutionary new technology in skiing that combines the lightweight comfort of a traditional boot with the security and strength of a pair of boots. These boots are so well built, in fact, that they actually feel like a second skin. The light-weight design makes them easy to slide into a pair of jeans without much trouble. They’re also an excellent choice for cross-country skiing, motocross racing, and other sports where a great deal of mobility is required.

There are three things you should know about this exciting new boot. First, they have no laces, so if you’ve never worn lace-up boots before you might want to skip right ahead. The reason why they have no laces is that these boots have over one hundred individual tiny stitches. That’s four hundred stitches per pair of boots. Each pair of boots has been individually crafted to ensure the highest quality possible. Because of this, there is truly nothing like a Prolite atomic ski boot.

Second, the Prolite boots come with a padded collar and shank, both of which are fully removable. This gives you the ability to customize the fit of your boots to your own body. If you have a thick lower shell or if you have an extra thick layer of insulation, the Prolite can be adjusted to fit properly. You’ll also be able to adjust the thickness of your laces, if you like, to get the perfect fit.

Atomic Ski Boots

Third, they feature a patented tension control system that puts you in complete control. You can tighten your boot to just the right amount, so your feet stay nice and warm. Or you can loosen them so your toes get all the stretching you need. And because the heel units of these ski boots are spring-loaded, you get the optimal level of support. No matter what sport you participate in, you’ll love the way these atomic boots feel against your feet. The soft leather padding and the incredibly durable steel shanks will stand up to any abuse you can throw at it.

To further describe the unique characteristics of these boots, let’s talk about some of the parts that make them unique. For one thing, the toe pockets of the boot are lined with individually stitching Lyrachord, allowing for amazing comfort and breathability. The second unique characteristic is the fact that the soles of the boot are made out of a thick, comfortable synthetic rubber. This material allows for ultimate traction on most types of snow and slush while giving you exceptional stability.

A Much Ado

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The fourth characteristic of the Prolite atomic is that the boots have been designed with the assistance of a team of world-class ski engineers who are responsible for developing the design, the materials, and the technology used to create these boots. The designers spent countless hours testing out the product, and it comes as no surprise that the boots are so comfortable. When I say countless, I mean thousands of hours, which is exactly how long it took to make these boots! The designers obviously invested a lot of time and energy into the creation of this product, because they knew it would be something special.

The fifth and final characteristic of the Prolite atomic ski boot is that it has all of the best qualities of any other high-performance boot. For one, the boot is made using the toughest synthetic rubber available. This material enables the boot to have unparalleled durability. It also allows for incredible shock absorption, which is crucial for an athlete skiing or boarding. Finally, the boot also features a patented thin outsole that reduces the weight that is transferred to the heel during high- speeds.

Bottom Line

So as you can see, there is more to the unique characteristics of these revolutionary ski boots than meets the eye. When you are looking for a high-performance ski boot, you definitely want to pay close attention to what the company manufacturing it has to offer. As was mentioned at the beginning of this article, Prolite has the perfect blend of features – including the ultra-light boot and thin outsole. This is the very reason why I strongly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a highly functional ski boot.

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