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Goggles are a vital part of skiing or snowboarding gear to defend your eyes from injury. These sports expose your eyes to prolonged periods of harsh wind, snow, and bright sunlight. 

When skiing or snowboarding, it is necessary to have good visibility and sight for safety. Winter Mask Goggles are available with a wide variety of specialized lenses that can help you to reduce the glare coming off of the snow while doing any snow activity. Winter Mask Goggles makes it easier to see in snow and wind and also adds comfort by preventing the need for squinting eyes against fogging surrounding.

This product shields your eyes from airborne snow and debris and protects them from hazards such as tree limbs and fallen branches. Skiing and snowboarding are sports that need safety procedures to help keep your eyes safe and enable you to see well. While performing snow activity you are more likely to injure yourself with the wind and snow rapidly hitting on your face. 

Winter Mask Goggles

Winter Mask Goggles is a two in one product there is no need to buy goggles and masks separately. Now have your goggles and mask in one protective gear to enjoy outdoor winter adventures. Winter Mask Goggles has windproof, anti-fog, anti-UV, and anti-snow blindness features for your eyes and face protection. Allows you to see in contrast dimly-lit weather conditions and reduce light in sunny weather. Helps you to avoid and dodge by Add contrast to your view and make bumps and dips in your way stand out more clearly. It is best suited for outdoor winter activities such as skiing, climbing, riding, etc. It weighs around 175 grams and can take any corner of your bag. It is designed with an easy breathable system. Winter Mask Goggles stay securely on your head at times when sunglasses would fly off. Easily adjustable as per your comfort and fits right on your face. These masks offer a comfortable experience leaving no after marks on your face.                     

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  • Gender MEN
  • Frame Color Black
  • Lenses Optical Attribute Universal
  • Sport Type Skiing
  • Lenses Color Gold
  • Lens Height 9cm
  • Frame Material Acetate
  • Lenses Material Polycarbonate
  • Lens Width 21cm
  • Item Type Eyewear
  • Feature 1 winter glasses
  • Feature 2 ski mask
  • Feature 3 snowboard
  • Feature 4 snowboard goggles
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  • Clearer view in the snow. 
  • Comfortable around eyes.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Strong and unbreakable body.
  • Long-lasting material. 
  • Its compact structure doesn’t take too much space. 
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  • Difficult to glue if broken.
  • Prone to scratches and dents.


It is a paramount necessity to take the right precaution for your eyes while playing in the snow and skiing. The snow might hit your eyes and cause severe long-lasting injury. Winter Mask Goggles protect your eyes from the snow and the UV rays. These mask goggles let you enjoy the snow without holding you back.

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