Relying on a Traditional Classic

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Since its inception in 1948 by Robert Lange, The company has continually been responsible for revolutionary change in the ski boot market. Originally, Lange boots were the very first plastic reinforced ski boots on the market and presented the world the new original boot model with metal buckled straps. This was an important advancement since previous versions had always provided great difficulties to remove them when needed. However, Lange’s metal strap models proved to be more reliable in terms of longevity. Another major innovation of Lange was their inclusion of a lace overlay system which provides additional protection to the upper portion of the foot.

Today, Lange boots are still the most popular brand for skiers and snowboarders. The range of these boots is quite broad and offers an extensive collection of protective gear designed specifically for the task. One of the most important features of these boots is that they are fully waterproof to protect the skis and feet in all kinds of weather conditions. Moreover, they are also highly breathable, helping in keeping the feet dry and odorless, making them the perfect choice for downhill activities.

An Overview

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As compared to previous boots models, the new design of Lange includes an elastic cuff around the calf area. These elastic cuffs are designed to be easily released allowing the boot to be slipped on without any assistance or hassle. However, because of the new design there are now some cuffs that are not elastic but are made out of a material which gives the boot a much more modern look.

In the case of skiing, there are three kinds of boots that a skier or snowboarder can use. The first one is the conventional kind, which is actually the traditional boots used in decades long skiing and boarding. The other two are the hybrid variety and the high-performance variety. While the conventional kind is made out of high-quality materials such as leather and suede, high performance ones are made out of synthetic fiberglass and carbon fiber. Due to the difference in materials, a skier or snowboarder will require a different kind of boot depending on the type of skiing and boarding they engage in.

For example, while traditional skiers would prefer traditional lace-ups, high-performance skiers will want to get those with quick release buckles. The reason why quick release buckles are required is because they make it possible to lace up and release the boot faster compared to laces. Another feature of Lange ski boots is that unlike other brands, the cuffs are not elastic but come with Velcro strips instead. This feature is called ‘wing’ – in fact, lace-ups and buckles may sometimes stick together with prolonged use and this makes it difficult to lace the boot back after a session.

Relying on Traditional Classic

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Another great characteristic of Lange-flo is that the sole is made out of premium synthetic material. Most people would think that lace-ups and plastic boots have the same soles but the truth is that lace-ups are usually more flexible when laced, while plastic tends to stick to the shape of one’s foot after a period of time. The soles of these boots are made from high-quality polyethylene, which makes them extremely durable. Moreover, because the sole is made out of polyethylene, it is less susceptible to punctures compared to other kinds of soles. Thus, the chances of getting blisters are greatly reduced.

However, the main reason why people choose Lange-flo over other popular brands of ski boots is because of their unique combination of features. Unlike other ski boots, royalite and fiberglass soles are not present in this boot. This is because royalite, which is the material used to make the outsole of traditional ski boots, can be very slippery. Furthermore, fiberglass is also extremely slippery; hence, it would not be ideal for activities that require extreme maneuverability. With these two differences, royalite was developed to meet these requirements. In turn, the result is a boot with superior performance that is both flexible and safe to use at the same time.

If you want to take a closer look at Lange Boots, you can purchase them from United States based retailer Kingsley-Bate. This is because most of their collections are available online, aside from their offline presence in several cities of the US. Aside from its affordable prices, the availability of these items at online shops is one of the reasons why many people consider this brand to be one of the best when it comes to purchasing a perfect pair of ski boots. For more information on new designs, check out their official website at U.S. Style.

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