The 9 Best Ski Gear Items for This Winter

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Your ski equipment is something that you cannot take lightly while embarking on a skiing adventure. The right ski gear is very important to keep you protected and warm from the chilly weather. The right equipment also doubles your skiing fun. Here is a list of 9 best ski gear that you must have this winter.

The 9 Best Ski Gear Items For This Winter
The 9 Best Ski Gear Items For This Winter

9 Best Ski Equipment

  1. Cozy, Stretchable Ski Pans:

Ensure that your ski pants are cozy, warm and yet stretchable. Go for a fabric that has a protective shield, making your pants waterproof and windproof. Waterproof is essential as the snow might melt when it comes in contact with your body and turn into water. You obviously will not enjoy skiing in cold and wet clothes. But also make sure that the pants have thigh vents to make them breathable. Ski pants generally have gaiters to help them stay in place above your boots.

  • Ski Socks

You can try the FITs Ski Socks available on Amazon for your ski getaway. These socks are specially designed to give you a wonderful skiing experience. They provide warmth, comfort and keep your legs totally protected. The socks have an insulating shield that is also moisture-proof. This one is made from Merino Wool/Spandex/Nylon blend. It also provides a comfortable cushioning effect.

The 9 Best Ski Gear Items For This Winter
The 9 Best Ski Gear Items For This Winter
  • Padded Jacket

A must-have ski gear, a padded jacket provides all the warmth and protection that you need to brave the chilly weather while you tear it up on the slopes. The Fjallraven KEB Lite Padded Jacket is thin enough so as not to make you feel bulky. It is also lightweight so that you can easily carry it in your bag. This ski jacket is wind and water-resistant, which makes it an excellent choice for skiing.

  • Inner Base Layers

Underneath your ski jacket, you need to wear base layers of clothes. The Backcountry’s Matilda Baselayer Bottom with a matching top, available on forms a great base layer pair. They also cover your body and keep you warm. The clothes are made from a warm Merino wool blend.

  • Beanie

Just as you cover your body, you also need to cover your head. The Outdoor Research Lodgeside Beanie cap available on Amazon is a great choice. It is a cable knit beanie with a fleece lining inside that keeps you warm. It also comes with a patented GORE Windstopper ear protector, that will cover your ears too. The protectant comes with laser cut ear openings that enable you to hear clearly.

  • Ski Pants

Over your base layer pants, you need to wear ski pants. The Free Country Swift Softshell Ski Pants available on Free Country is a great choice. It feels like sweat pants as it comes with an inner layer of fleece. The outside fabric is weather and water-resistant. It features a stylish bootcut design. The pants also have Gripper Hem Gaiters below to keep the snow out.

  • Ski Goggles

You cannot ski without wearing protective ski goggles. The Fuel Optics High-Performance Anti-Fog Ski and Snow Googles, available on Amazon are the perfect choices for your skiing journey.

  • Hot Sockees

You need another pair of socks over your regular winter socks. The Hot Socks from Amazon are made from neoprene fabric and easily slide over your regular socks. These also keep your feet warm all day long.

  •  Snow Helmet

You can have some rough falls while skiing and it is important that you wear a ski helmet. The Giro Ledge MIPS Snow Helmet has a multi-directional impact protection system and is also the best to protect your brain from rotational impacts.

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