Ski Goggles With A Magnetic Eyewear

Ski Goggles With A Magnetic Eyewear

Nowadays, Ski Goggles are available with magnetic eyewear that are interchangeable. If you are going for skiing, then it is a necessary product to carry. You can use it during skating, skiing, or snowboarding. It is easily adjustable and has soft sponge layers that make it ultra-comfortable. Here we have presented one of the best quality ski goggles that are buzzing all the markets. So, let’s see all the features and benefits you gain.

Ski Goggles

It is a handy eye-wear ski goggle that comes with an elastic strap and magnetic lens. It offers not only anti-fog but also anti-UV protection. The durable TPU frame is protected from harmful ultra-violet rays. It has a mirror coating that gives a full view of the snow and is fantastic. The lens material used is PC and TPU as a frame. The anti-slip strap is made using silicon. It has three foam layers that have breathable foam. It can be worn comfortably. The width of the lens is 21.6 cm and 9.6 cm at its height. It comes with an inside frame width of 15 cm.

Ski Goggles Package

The package can contain a black frame with visible light transmission and eyewear bag, respectively. It is available in various color options such as blue, red, black, and silver frame.

Ski Goggles Features

Magnetic Detachable Goggle

The lens of the goggle can be immediately changed in seconds. No matter whether it’s a cloudy or sunny day, it will meet all your requirements thoroughly. It comes with a fantastic magnetic lens design that is easier to change with a different lens.

Wide Perception

It has a 210- degree spherical lens with a personalized structure that offers the utmost level of view for skiing and skating. The mirror coating will reflect the rays of sunlight, thus protecting it from UV rays.

Goggles With Double Protection Lens

The goggle will carry a dual-lens that is anti-fog or anti-snow designed. It will accelerate the circulation of air appropriately. It gives clear visibility even if its cloudy or foggy outside. It has a colorful lens that makes it more fashionable. It perfectly meets all conditions.

Humanized and Durable Details

It has three qualities that make it best for use. They are the best ventilation, comfortable, anti-slip, and short-sightedness. The silicone strip will not fall as it is attached to your helmet. The holes allow fresh air to circulate through the ski goggles well. No matter whether you are men, women, or adults, it will fit perfectly. It is safe and has excellent visibility features for skating and more reliable skiing under fog, cloud, snow, and sun.

Convenient To Wear

The eyewear is both timely and handy. It not only protects your eyes but also safeguards from the snow. The strap is elastic, which means stretchable and comes with the abrasion-proof facility. It is available in different transmittance and color options. You can pick a golden lens with a black frame with appropriate visible light transmission.

A ski goggle with 17% light transmission visibility will fit you appropriately. So, buy it now from here and make your skiing memorable.

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