Ski Hire Waxing Tips And Tricks

ski waxing tips

Ski wax is an essential component of any ski wax project. Before going to the wax store or doing any other type of waxwork, learn a few ski wax tips. These are just a few of the many tips out there and may help you make better decisions. Ski wax is used primarily to prevent the melting and cracking of the ski’s boot.

How To Wax The Skis?

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There are a few simple things that every good waxer should know. First, always wax your skis before you even put them on. Always wear a mask so that you won’t accidentally inhale the melted wax. Your wax should always be just warm enough to dissolve the wax but never hot enough to be burning. When you scrape, your metal scraper should have a 90-degree angle attached to the handle; otherwise, the ski wax will drip off. Also, always wear gloves, goggles, and a face mask when doing any type of snowboarding or skiing.

Stay Attentive During The Waxing Process

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New skis need a little more attention than older skis do. Waxing should take place every time your brand new skis are put on. Even if they were brand new when they were purchased, they still need to be waxed since their shape and size change over time. The best time to wax your skis is after installation, although it can also be done a few days before installation. The reasoning for this is that your ski wax will get into all the nooks and crannies of your new skis and will last much longer if it’s done when they are first installed.

New Skis Are Waxed From The Factory

New skis come with skis already waxed, so if you look to upgrade to a better wax or even wax your skis yourself, you won’t need any additional help. However, some skis require a little more work. For example, many ski shops recommend using a hot wax kit before putting on the new wax. Ski bum is also an excellent substance to use between your skis to make them more comfortable and soft.

Waxing is only one step of your preparation process. You’ll also need to prepare the rest of your equipment, including your boots and any other special gear you might be using. You can usually find a special wax kit for skiing, snowboarding, or any other sport. When you’re ready to wax your ski boots, always read the instructions carefully.

Final Thoughts

If you have several small pieces of hard rubber on your skis, you should remove them before beginning to wax. Remove the tops and bottoms of your skis with nail clippers or a hot wax tool, taking care to keep the top and bottom of each piece smooth and clean. Once your boots are smooth and free of any protrusions, you’re ready to apply the wax. Spread the hot wax on the entire area of your skis evenly, making sure no bubbles are missed.

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