Ski Skinning Equipment Buying Guide

ski skinning equipment

Ski skinning has been popular among skiers and snowboarders for years but not until recently have ski shops begun offering it. It is still a relatively invasive (and expensive) activity for those who have little experience in it but for those who have gone through it know it is certainly a fun and rewarding experience. What is ski skinning exactly? Skis are cut to the requisite length and attached to a strip of metal with a hinge so that they can be lifted up and hung on to the chairlift.

The skis are fitted with a special kind of glue to hold them together but some can be reused after skiing or riding. The glue heats up the surface of the ski, which changes its elasticity and lets the skis hang. Once on the chairlift, the skis are slid under it and then raised off the ground so that they are out in the open where the skiing and riding can take place. This in turn prevents the glue from melting and sticking to the skin of the skis and also keeps the skis away from any sharp object that could cut them. Ski skinning can be very risky and many accidents have occurred because the skier or snowboarder did not use the appropriate equipment. The risk of injury is much higher if there is no skier or snowboarder supervision and the equipment is used without following proper safety procedures.

ski skinning Equipment

A man is cross country skiing in the snow

There are two different kinds of equipment that are commonly used to remove the skis from the ski. The first is called the jump ring. The other is called the knife edge. Both of these methods work well but sometimes it is more convenient and safer to use the knife-edge method. Either way, when removing the skis, care should be taken that the area is not punctured or cut by the sharp-pointed blades of the skis. The skis should be removed carefully and swallowed whole in order to prevent any complications.

Ski skinning is done with the use of a special type of machine that is used to freeze the top layers of the skin so that the natural adhesive on the top layer of the skin does not hold the skis together. The machine will allow for the removal of the top layers of the skis in a few seconds. This in turn makes it easier for the machine to make sure all the little glue on the top is removed before it is removed from the skin. Once the glue has been removed, it will then be able to slide the ski or snowboard away from the skin.

The machine that is used to perform this kind of skinning equipment is known as a Skinning Machine. The equipment can be found for about $500 or more. It can be rented from most local shops. Some of the places that rent the skis can offer rental for a shorter period of time than the person would be able to stay in a ski lodge. The person that is renting the equipment should be sure to check in advance just in case there are any special rules or regulations for the area that they are renting the skis from.

A Much Ado

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The skis will first have to be prepared. The individual will need to soak the skis for a day or two to remove all the moisture. Then the individual will need to tie them down so that they do not fly away when being used. Before using the skis the individual will need to check over the bindings to make sure that they are not damaged or broken. Some areas will even require that the skis are thrown out if they are damaged during use.

After removing all of the moisture from the skin and tying them down the individual will need to take them into the backcountry to put them away. They will most likely not want to remove the skis until a day or so away from their home base. Before removing the ski equipment it is important to make sure the edges of the skis are not blunt. This could cause them to snap in the wrong direction and potentially cause severe injury.

Bottom Line

Once the skis have been removed from the bag they should be soaked in hot water for a few minutes. This will remove any chlorine or other contaminants that may be on the skis. The individual will then need to clean the skis with a detergent. They should only clean the front of the skis and not the back. When cleaning the back of the skis it is important to note the direction of the sun so that they can remove the sunscreen and allow it to dry completely.

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