Snowboard- Important Stuff To Know


Have you been using a rental Snowboard till now? If yes, then its time to say goodbye to them and buy your snowboards. It will make you feel overwhelmed. However, if it is your first time to sport itself, then you need to take care of all little details. Buying one for you is going to be the most significant decision. So, it needs extra attention and careful research before you shed bucks on them. This guide is one stop to know every little detail about it.


Snowboard Essential Factors To Consider


The size and Snowboard type are very essential so let us begin with it.

A manufacturer size guide recommends you what size of the board to get for your height and weight. The size of the shred stick is also suggested. Check the manual and then compare the recommended size for a particular model.
On your part, decide whether you need a shorter or longer snowboard. The shorter one is good, especially for cruising around. It is soft and more playful than a longer one. The longer one is more stable, stiff, and is suitable for long jumps landing. It is excellent for free riders.
Are you an intermediate rider or complete beginner? A shorter board is good then.


Riders with big feet should consider the width of snowboard. Don’t get a board of regular width as you may get slipped from the board. Your toes and heels will overhang from the board.

Type Of Snowboard


­­­­Three basic types of boards are there- traditional, reverse, and mixed camber. The camber with the best pop, stability, and edge hold is the traditional one. Pro riders use the board of this shape because it is the most responsive. Rocker or reverse camber is soft. Less catchy, buttering and great for presses. A mixed chamber is a combination of both types. It has the best of both and is excellent for beginners.

The style of riding you do is also essential. Are you an all-mountain, park or powder/freeride rider? An all-mountain rider performs different ride styles on tough terrain. So, an all-mountain board is right for them. A terrain park snowboard has symmetry and soft to medium flex which offers more freestyle riding. A powder board is suitable for a smooth ride in different snow conditions at a faster speed.

Shape Of Snowboard

Two main types, twin and directional boards snowboards are there. Twin board lets the riders ride in any direction and so freestyle snowboarding is comfortable with it. The ends are identical. A directional board is excellent for those who ride freely or ride a pow. These boards are high under their feet. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot switch directions; you can still do it but in an awkward way.

Snowboard For Women

Snowboards are not just meant for boys, but unique boards are also designed for girls keeping them in mind. The boards are shorter, thinner, and softer than those of men. The types and size recommendation guide is the same there for girls.

That’s it, find out your riding style and buy a Snowboard by checking its size, width, shape and of course price.

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