The Used snowboards to keep your pocket light

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Used snowboards are boards that have previously been used by other people. These boards typically go through the same modifications experienced by any new board before hitting the slopes, including waxing to reduce its weight and, in some cases, simply tightening screws or changing out parts of the board.

A good price for used snowboards


A good price for used snowboards varies widely depending on manufacturer, quality level, number of previous owners, date it was made and when you’re looking at buying. If possible, focus on avoiding brands with little value in their secondhand market (for example many pre-1990’s skateboard companies), check prices current market prices before purchasing anything, and make sure you thoroughly inspect your purchase before you buy.

Choose between used snowboards


There are several different variables to consider when choosing between used snowboards; length, width, turning radius and what type of terrain it is designed for (park or all-mountain) are the main factors to take into consideration. If you plan on spending most of your time in the park, you should try to find a smaller-sized board with a low turning radius (smaller boards make landings easier). If you’re looking at riding mainly provided-course, groomers try to find something around 155cm-160cm long with normal or slightly wider waist widths. Almost any quality manufacturer produces great products in these lengths, but lower-end boards tend to come cheaper than higher-end models.

The perfect used snowboards

There are plenty of alternatives to buying used snowboards which may save you money and still give you a great product. Renting boards through your local mountain is an excellent option if you don’t mind giving up your equipment after each day on the slopes. borrowing boards from friends is another good idea. making sure you buy every other piece of equipment, including skis, boots, and bindings, before using borrowed gear can prevent further costs down the road without limiting your fun in any way (for example, beginners often end up outgrowing their boards at similar speeds). Check websites like craigslist (USA) back page or Kijiji (Canada) can also yield great deals on used snowboards, albeit with the potential for scams.

Warranty when buying used snowboards

Depending on where you purchase your board from and under what circumstances you buy it, a warranty may be included or offered. While not all boards come with warranties, purchasing one that does will give you added peace of mind that the seller is willing to stand behind their product. read any contract closely before purchasing as some stores charge additional fees for extended service plans which cover specific parts of the board such as bindings if they break after a certain period from new.

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