Tips to get the best snowboard bag for you

A snowboard bag is something that you are going to need in order to get your board from where you are staying to the mountains or the other way around. The good thing about it though is that most people don’t know what they are actually for, so here’s a list of things that may help you with understanding the purpose of these bags. If you have any questions, just drop us a line below and we will be happy to provide an answer!

Size should I look for

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First off, this depends on how much stuff you have. For one board with boots and bindings, it’s best if your bag is between 120-160cm long (roughly 4 feet). There are also two-piece bags that separate the top and bottom parts of your snowboard. We suggest something around 150-180cm for those with a one-board bag. Then you got yourself a bigger bag, which is usually not longer than 220cm (7 feet). Two boards plus boots and bindings will need the most space from the ones we mentioned, so go no smaller than 200cm or 80 inches.

The snowboard bag material should I look for

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The best option is durable nylon with TPU coating that provides waterproofness as well as durability at a reasonable price. For that extra money, there’s also Cordura Nylon – it’s even more abrasion resistant and offers significantly better tear strength as well as chemical resistance. Another thing to consider would be UV protection. This is very good if you plan on storing the bag outside or leaving it inside your car all year round. At the same time, uncoated nylon tends to fade over time so keep that in mind too!

A snowboard Bag cost

At its most basic level, a standard one-board snowboard bag will set you back $25-35USD. While three-piece ones will be more expensive around $50-60USD. For something really protective and durable, the price starts at $75-80USD for a two-piece with wheels and handlebar extension (spinner), all up to about $150+ for materials like full Cordura Nylon or tarpaulin. Things like double layered fabric and quality zippers will make a price difference of about $20-50+ USD.

Consider Before you get a snowboard bag

How much stuff do you plan on carrying and checking in at the airport (if flying) and how many times do you think you’ll use the bag (how often do you travel to hit the slopes?). For example, if you feel like your bag is not big enough for all your gear plus some change, we suggest investing in something bigger that can handle two sets of boots and bindings. Or what’s even better – go get yourself a wheeled snowboard bag that will make your life so much easier by allowing you to carry more gear without having to lift anything! This one is great because it’s lightweight yet has more than enough space for your setup as well as the rest of your gear, like jacket and pants.

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