Top 6 Secret Ski Spots In Europe You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

secret ski spots

There’s no doubt that skiing is one of the most amazing holiday activities you can ever participate in during your holidays. And that’s why many people choose to spend their holidays in a ski spot. And although skiing will always be the primary activity of the tour, some people come looking for more than just skiing.

In this article, we’re going to reveal the top 6 secret ski spots in Europe you wouldn’t want to miss visiting.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in…

The Best Area For Beginners

Sure, Mayrhofen of Austria is really a great place to ski. But there is one more thing that makes it one of the best ski spots in the whole of Europe. This ski spot has some really gentle slopes. And as a result, it’s great for beginner skiers, especially for children.

According to the local ski instructor Joanna, this ski place has a lot of dedicated spots for kids. It not only helps them learn skiing safely but it also entertains the kids thanks to special kids’ zones.

The Best Spot For Teens

Secret Ski Spots

Probably you have a teenager who has reasonably good ski skills and passed the beginner phase long ago. In that case, La Piste Perdue of the French Alps near the border of Italy is the perfect ski spot for you. Undoubtedly, this place will give you the thrill anyone would look for in a good ski spot.

According to ski coach Rob, if you’re looking to learn skiing in a tight space, then this place is the perfect ski spot for you. According to him, teenagers have a lot of fun here in the narrow tracks. This is the perfect place to get more control over your movements.

The Best Lunch Spot

That’s no secret that when it comes to a great skiing spot, the French Alps’ Sainte Foy resort is one of the hidden gems. But what makes this place even better isn’t its ski tracks. In fact, it’s actually its super-special lunch spot, Les Brevettes. According to regional ski instructor and guide David, the specialty dish of Les Brevettes is actually its ravioli. It’s really delicious and warming, which fits perfectly with the cold weather of the French Alps.

But that’s not it. There are other amazing places too where you can enjoy an amazing late lunch after some post-lunch skiing fun. And the Chez Merie from Le Miroir is a perfect food to have at times like these.

The Best View In The Alps

Secret Ski Spots

If what you’re really after is one of the best views of the Alps, then look no further than Alpe d’Huez of the Western Alps of central France. According to the mountain guide Pierre, if you’re lucky enough to have a clear day, you can witness almost one-fifth of the whole metropolitan France from the peak of the mountain Blanc.

It’s quite amazing to be able to see beautiful green fields from the top of the 3,300 meters high mountain peak where you should have just seen white ice. Take a photo or just stare at it, you will definitely be experiencing one of the most beautiful views of the Alps.

The Best Place To Master The Art Of Curving

If you’re looking for some serious skiing challenge and amazing curves, then the Three Valleys of Jerusalem is the perfect ski spot for you. This place in Jerusalem is particularly quiet with gentle pitch and a lot of steep curves. And because of the curvy stone layers, the snow tends to stick to this place for quite a long time no matter how much you ski on it.

And that makes it one of the best places to drastically improve your skiing skills and master the art of curving through the snow. You surely won’t want to miss it if you’re looking to participate in professional skiing someday.

The Most Welcoming Restaurant

What is the one thing apart from a skiing track that makes a ski spot really stand out?

It’s the available resorts and restaurants of the ski spots. And when it comes to amazing ski spot restaurants, Chalet de Giuseppe of Switzerland really shines brighter than any other ski spot restaurant in Europe.

According to many people who have been to this place before, the food is really incredible and so is the ambience of this whole place. You can expect to be welcome like a close relative, get to taste some of the finest pastas, and get surprised with pleasure by the bill. If you really dig into foods, then this is one place you wouldn’t want to miss.

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